Suntech Greenhouses Ltd

Local freshness

SunTech Greenhouses LTD. is locally owned and operated. It resides on ninety acre lot in the town of Manotick, located just 15 minutes south of Ottawa, Ontario. The initial facility was constructed in 1999 and covered 2.3 acres of the land. An additional 12,000 square feet was added in the spring of 2001, bringing the greenhouse acreage to 2.5 acres.

Since then, the infrastructure was increased by 1.5 acres in 2010, bringing the total greenhouse surface to 4 acres.

Our vegetables are grown right in the nation's capital where we deliver them. Without having to travel from miles and miles away, our produce can be picked within hours of delivery, that way, they can stay on their plant source for longer until ripen. Ripening them on the plant allows for all the sugars and nutrients to properly develop, giving the fruit their full flavour and the highest content of healthy vitamins and minerals.

With less steps between the food source to the consumer, there is little chance for food spoilage or food contamination of any sort making our local produce the safest to eat.

Our philosophy

Using state of the art hydroponic techniques, we pride ourselves in our commitment to provide fresh premium quality produce.

Only the best of materials and resources are used to produce a superior product that is high in nutrition and taste. Our produce is grown in a climate controlled environment without the need for spray pesticides.

Once harvested, our produce is delivered directly to our customers throughout Eastern Ontario assuring they receive the quality and freshness they have come to expect from SunTech Greenhouses Ltd.

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